The recent news about the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) email being hacked by Russian sources sheds light on some interesting issues surrounding email security. Of course, any time your company’s network is breached your data is at risk, creating a serious security issue, but what are some of the other implications of a cyber-attack like this?

1 – Length of time. In the case of the DNC, it’s been reported that hackers had been reading email since early this year. That’s a lot of time – and a lot of email – to think about. With a cyber-attack like this it isn’t just that someone breaks in and steals a snapshot of your data at that time. These attacks can take place for months with criminals stealing all of your data in real time. Sometimes it is difficult to determine just how long someone has been stealing your information, making it difficult to accurately determine your exposure.

2 – Who is really exposed? It’s a common reaction to be concerned about yourself and your company when an attack has taken place, but consider those long email threads in your inbox and saved folders. Have clients provided you with information protected under an NDA? What about conversations with a financial institution, or internal discussions about a competitor or new product launch?

3 – Beyond email. Many businesses today take advantage of technological advances to make their lives easier. For example, does your phone system send you an audio file of your voicemail messages? Or perhaps you have a Google Voice account that transcribes your voicemail and sends it your email. If you are using services like these, your exposure is even greater in the event of an attack.

4 – The true cost. When a breach like this happens there are always hard costs involved in getting your data secured again. You have to also consider the cost of new hardware to secure your network, but have you considered the opportunity cost? What if your entire system is shut down for a day, a week, or more? If you are held hostage by a ransomware attack, you may be forced to pay a certain dollar amount per machine to get your data back. And even worse, what would happen if, as in scenario 2, a customer’s proprietary information was also exposed, opening you up to a lawsuit for breach of NDA? How would this kind of breach affect future contracts?

We understand that your business may not have the kind of target that a political party or government organization may have, but in the current world of cyber security, it doesn’t really matter.  Today’s hackers just want to find an unsecured network to target, and they are automatically checking networks for poor security all over the world. So whether you are a global Fortune 500 company with thousands of employees, or a small manufacturing company in northern Indiana with only a few employees, you are a target.

The good news is that the Symplexity knows how to protect you. From Cisco hardware that protects your network and identifies threats to our Phishnet end user training, our security practice uses a layered approach that keep your information safe – and let’s you focus on running your business. In fact, from our Cisco hardware and software solutions work together with our dedicated security practice to pro-actively monitor your network, which means peace of mind for you as the business owner or I.T. manager. You can learn more about our layered approach by clicking here.

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