The tech world has a great habit of hijacking words that used to mean other things. “Viruses” don’t get you sick, “ports” don’t have anything to do with the shipping industry, and if you’ve heard people talking about “fishing,” you might be wondering what photo-sharing app your kids are going to be asking about next. Well, it’s actually spelled phishing and it’s not an app – it’s the biggest security threat your company is facing.

Most digital security measures are based around a simple idea: keeping the bad guys out and minimizing damage if they do get in. This is why you have firewalls to block questionable traffic, anti-virus programs to stop malware before it starts and regular backups to make sure your data is safe even if something goes awry.

Phishing turns most of that on its head. Instead of using exploits to find holes your system and the security measures you have in place, phishing campaigns ask your employees to let them in. By sending e-mails claiming to be security personnel, financial institutions, medical providers, and other trusted organizations, phishers attempt to trick users into visiting spoofed log-in pages. Instead of giving their information to a trusted source, users then unwittingly pass their credentials over to the attackers.

And when an attacker has your username and password, they don’t need to figure out how to get around your security. They can log-in, just like you do.

The nature of phishing is what makes it so hard to defend against. How do you keep out a burglar who has keys to the building? You have to make sure they don’t get the keys in the first place.

At Symplexity, we’re on the cutting edge of IT security, and we haven’t seen anything that works better to protect your organization against phishing attempts than education. Making your team aware of the threat that phishing presents and the things they should keep an eye out can neutralize the threat phishing attacks represent.

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