If you’re a Facebook user, you probably know about facial recognition in the context of photo-tagging. Google, Microsoft, Apple, and others have also built it into apps to compile albums of people who hang out together. Beyond the realm of social networking, facial recognition plays a role in security systems at places like airports and banks. And even advertisers are leveraging it for targeted content on electronic billboards.

But like so many other seemingly helpful technologies, facial recognition carries a real potential for political, legal, and ethical misuse. A prime example is China’s racial profiling and its tracking and control of Uighur Muslims. The Guardian recently published an excellent article that touches on these issues and more.

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Ross is the Security Practice Manager here at Symplexity. His sixteen-year career in the computer network security industry as both an engineer and a consultant gives him the experience in qualitative risk assessment, security policy development, and security architecture design, implementation, and monitoring. He works effectively with both technical and managerial personnel across a wide variety of verticals to be their trusted resource.

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