They took a complex problem and developed a model that was easy for management to understand the solution. This solution included a cost justification of why we could afford to spend the funds on the virtualization project and what the expected payback would be.

Kent Liechty - President & CEO
  • Unified Computing

    We can help improve IT responsiveness to rapidly changing business demands with a Unified Computing System. The next-generation data center platform accelerates the delivery of new services simply, reliably and securely through end-to-end provisioning and migration support. Our team is certified and able to support existing installations, as well as design and implement entirely new systems. 

  • Virtualization: Cloud Services & VMWare

    Virtualization can provide efficiencies and cost savings through reduced utility and environment expenses, hardware expenses, administration expenses, and disaster recovery abilities. By introducing virtualization technologies and services, you can achieve reduced downtime with live migration of virtual machines, increased hardware utilization from existing 5-10% up to 70-80%, enhanced disaster recovery by replicating virtual machines offsite, and reduced management and support costs with virtual desktops.

    As a VMware Enterprise Partner and Microsoft Gold Data Center Partner, Symplexity is certified to support and implement major virtualization technologies such as Microsoft Hyper-V, HPE virtualization and VMware Infrastructures.

    Through the power of virtualization and data convergence, your company’s data can be consolidated into a single company data center and served to your employees or clients either through the local network, wide area links or even over the Internet.

    We can help you develop and implement a strategy to make your organization more profitable and productive, as private cloud computing will reduce cost of ownership and provide more security for your data.

  • Enterprise Storage

    Today’s business world requires that increasing volumes of information are stored for analysis and decision-making. How an organization decides to store and protect this information can increase the productivity and effectiveness of the business – or, when done haphazardly, can place the business at significant risk.

    Our enterprise data storage solutions include recommendations for data backup and data recovery, server consolidation, shared user home directories, server-based computing and offsite data storage. We work on many complex data storage projects, and are able to collaborate in developing a long-term business technology plan, offering assistance in technology assessments, software selections, deployments, project management, technology hiring, disaster-recovery plans and business-continuity reviews. 

  • Messaging & Directory Storage

    Email communication is the lifeblood of most successful organizations – it has to be fast, reliable, and secure. Symplexity understands the critical need for business email services that are protected against viruses and unwanted clutter, so we provide a level of email security and confidentiality that is essential to your business.

    We address the need for increased capacity for information storage and access, and recognize the opportunities that exist for greater efficiency of communication by consolidating your organization’s various email messaging platforms.

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