Recently several of our clients’ employees received an email message in which an attacker claimed to have compromised an account or claimed to have used a machine’s onboard camera to take a video of the employee in a compromising position. Many of these messages were forwarded to the Symplexity SOC, and every one of them was found to be part of a simple blackmail scam. 

While these messages are generally quarantined by anti-spam technology, certain characteristics may cause some to occasionally make it through the filter. If you receive one, use your Phish Alert button to flag the message as a phishing attempt and delete the message.  

Security technology dramatically reduces the number of phishing messages that we receive in our inboxes, but it’s no substitute for security awareness. By complementing one with the other, we stand the best chance of protecting our organizations from these growing threats. 

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Ross is the Security Practice Manager here at Symplexity. His sixteen-year career in the computer network security industry as both an engineer and a consultant gives him the experience in qualitative risk assessment, security policy development, and security architecture design, implementation, and monitoring. He works effectively with both technical and managerial personnel across a wide variety of verticals to be their trusted resource.

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