If you’ve purchased a computer from a big box retailer recently, you know the hardest part of the process comes right at the end when you have to turn down a million different offers. Do you want the extended warranty? What about these million accessories? And of course you want the anti-virus security bundle, right?

Going with an off-the-shelf security solution might be enough for your home computer (it’s definitely better than nothing) but it’s not enough to keep your business safe. Here’s a look at three places where your business might be left vulnerable with consumer-grade security software.

Are You Up to Date?

Whenever you install a new program, anti-virus or otherwise, you’re usually confronted with a ton of updates you have to install before anything works. Those are great – they mean you’re starting with the most up-to-date version. The problem arises the next time an update comes out.

It’s one thing to keep your personal machine up-to-date. Check one box, restart the machine, and you’re hopefully covered. Managing updates and patch management throughout your entire company is an entirely different story – and off-the-shelf products aren’t designed to help you out. Think about every time you’ve pushed off updates because you were working on something that you didn’t want to lose momentum on, or you just didn’t want to deal with re-opening all your programs. If you’re asking your end-users to keep their machines up-to-date, you’re opening the door for all kinds of procrastination – and all kinds of vulnerabilities.

What Did You Really Buy?

If you think updates are hard to keep track of, let’s talk about licensing. When you buy any anti-virus software, you aren’t buying it for forever. You’re buying a license, usually six months or a year. Once that license is up, the software stops working.

So, if you’re paying someone to go around the office and install off-the-shelf anti-virus on every machine you have, you’re going to have to have someone make the rounds again in a month, six months, or a year to make sure everything’s still good to go. It’s the inconvenience of updates with the added fun of dealing with e-commerce.

What if it Doesn’t Work?

Even if you have the best anti-virus software in the world, the bad guys generally work faster than the security companies. Because of this, most security companies have changed the way they think about managing security. It’s not just about what happens before an attack – they’re focused on defending companies against the whole attack continuum. Off-the-shelf anti-virus does its best to prevent attacks against users, but it’s less helpful during attacks and practically useless when it comes to repairing damage after attacks.

Having to deal with updates and licensing are annoying downsides to using off-the-shelf security software, but the lack of protection throughout the entire attack continuum is more than annoying – it’s dangerous. If you want to make sure your company is truly protected, off-the-shelf solutions aren’t going to cut it.

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