New research shows that for a growing number of enterprises now passwords alone are not enough, and instead more and more businesses are combining strong passwords with multifactor authentication (MFA).

The study—released by ThumbSignIn, market intelligence firm One World Identity, and IAM provider Gluu—queried nearly 75 top IT and security managers, including C-level executives and vice presidents from various industries such as finance, technology and education. Of the respondents, 36% depend on passwords plus MFA, just slightly below the 40%  of organizations that still employ passwords only.

As cases of malware and financial fraud continue to skyrocket, MFA adoption will follow suit.

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Ross is the CISO at Symplexity. He has achieved CCIE Security and CISSP certifications, an MBA from the University of Notre Dame, and has 20 years of experience in the fields of computer and network security engineering and consulting. Ross provides virtual CISO services for our Symplexity Secure clients and helps them to identify information security risks and implement administrative, procedural, and technical controls to mitigate. He works effectively with both technical and managerial personnel and is a trusted resource for our clients.

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