At some point, your business has probably realized that you’ve outgrown your ability to handle your tech support in house. For a lot of companies, that means the guy you’ve been pulling away from his real job to throw some malfunctioning software at and say “can you fix this?” has had enough and would like to get back to work.

So, if you’re looking to find someone to handle your IT support, how much should you be planning on paying?

There’s some good news and some bad news. Good news first: you can get IT support for really cheap.The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the median pay for computer support specialists at just over $50,000 a year and $24.22 an hour. Sure, that’s a little more than you’d expect to pay a barista, but if you can get all your headaches to go away for $25 and hour, that’s a small price to pay, right?

Here’s the bad news. When it comes to tech support, you usually get what you pay for. Those computer support specialists the Bureau of Labor Statistics are talking about? Those are entry-level positions with no prior experience. The fact is there are no real regulation on tech support positions, so with some providers, you’re never really sure if the person answering your support call is going to know what they’re talking about.

That doesn’t mean that high-quality tech support has to break the bank. The best IT support providers hire highly-qualified and specialized support staff and manage to keep costs to customers down through scale. At Symplexity, we know that our customers are going to have a wide variety of support needs and we’ve built a team ready to match them. Rather than rely on a bunch of jacks-of-all-trades, we’ve brought in a group of subject matter experts who make sure your problem gets the solution it needs.

Because we’re one of the biggest IT support providers in the region, we’re able to keep our team working and our costs low. To find out just how affordable it can be to bring in Symplexity and end your IT nightmares, contact us today.

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