It’s early on a Monday morning. You’re bringing a group of potential clients into the office for the first time. You’re excited, you’ve got the breakfast spread ready to go, and as everyone’s settling in around the conference room table, you hear the first question anyone ever asks: “How can I get on the Wi-Fi?”

Guest access to the Internet isn’t a luxury anymore, it’s expected. Sure, you could just let them log on to the same network your team uses, but then you’re giving them access to the entire network – and all the files you keep on it.  Does your company have a plan for guest access to the Internet that meets expectations but keeps your company’s data safe?

When you’re considering guest access to wireless, there are a few factors you need to consider.

  1. Admission control – How do you make sure your guest access is only being used by your actual guests and not some teenager downloading podcasts from the parking lot?
  2. User permissions – How do you limit what your guests have access to while they’re logged in?
  3. Management – How do you adjust those settings and the general state of the network?

At Symplexity, one of the solutions we use to help our clients manage guest Wi-Fi access is technology from Cisco Meraki. Meraki products have been built from the ground-up to allow outstanding access for both standard and guest users, and Meraki systems give a business tons of flexibility to set up guest access in a way that works for them.

Meraki allows your company to design splash pages that allow guests to log-in, set specific limits on what files and content they can access, stop guests from using too much of your network’s bandwidth, even log in simply by checking into your organization’s Facebook page for easier access than ever.

Of course, there’s more to managing guest access and Wi-Fi than just the technology. Your company will need to develop a strategy that makes sense for your guests, your employees, and your company in general.

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