Technology is great – at least until it’s scary. If you need a reminder of how quick things can shift, watch the latest video of Boston Dynamic’s Atlas Robot. Yes, it’s great that bipedal robots can lift boxes, but as soon as that guy starts getting chippy with a hockey stick, it’s clear we’re only a few generations away from scary killer roboto-overlords.

The Internet (and technology in general) follows a similar pattern. It’s easy to get excited about a new product or a new set of features, but eventually new technology leads to new threats. E-mail changes the way you communicate, but it also opens you up to a ton of viruses. Increased storage makes data management easier than ever, but it allows ransomware to encrypt (and hold hostage) even more of your files. Every new advancement comes with a new potential problem.

So, how do you tell if that next piece of tech is going to be a net positive for your business?

It is. And you have to keep thinking of it that way.

Technology moves fast and whatever industry you’re in, you have competitors that are taking advantage of the latest and greatest things out there. As soon as a new product is proven viable, they’re adopting it and it’s not only making them more mobile, more productive, and more efficient, it’s making them a more attractive option to the customers you’re fighting for.

The way to take advantage of the latest technology without having to worry about the security concerns is actually simple: have someone else worry for you.

At Symplexity, that’s what we offer our clients. Through SmartSource, our managed services program, we deliver 24/7 monitoring, anti-virus and anti-spam protection, and implement security plans designed to handle threats before, during, and after attacks. Backup testing and management means you never have to wonder if your data is going to be there when you need it – or whether or not it’s just going to disappear entirely.

Your business work when you do what you do best. Our business works when we take care of the worrying for you.

Symplexity is Northern Indiana's technology leader. Our highly specialized technology team can help your business make technology headaches a thing of the past. Contact us today to see how Symplexity can be a valued partner for your organization.

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