At the end of the day, the best analogy that I can come up with is that technology is a lot like medicine. When you are sick you want the best medical treatment possible so you seek out the most qualified and experienced doctor you can find. You do this because you want the best care and because you know that a qualified doctor has the best chance of curing you. However, most of us know that when we become a patient we don’t expect a snap of the finger immediately we are cured. What we expect is that the doctor will use his experience and knowledge to apply treatments in an orderly fashion, with the motto ‘first do no harm.’ In other words, a physician uses his immense knowledge and experience to attempt to diagnose your illness using all the tools available to him.

Medical experts may not always know the exact root of a problem immediately, but we rely on them to apply their knowledge to investigate and attempt treatment. It may take multiple different treatments, medicines or surgeries to cure the problem. The same can be said when you have a technology problem. The proper approach is to find the most talented and certified team around. They will attempt to diagnose the problem and apply their knowledge to take steps to rectify the issue. They won’t always know the exact cause or have an immediate resolution, but they will apply their accumulated knowledge to systematically work through the problem. Just like you cannot always expect a physician to immediately diagnose and fix your ailment, you should not expect your IT team to perform miracles either.

In addition, just like the when you see a doctor for the first time and he asks for your medical history or does a complete workup, expect the same thing from an IT professional new to your environment. They will need to get familiar with it to understand all the moving parts and determine whether the configuration is done according to industry best practices. You undoubtedly will have problems with your technology, there are too many moving parts, security threats and human factors to avoid it. Your best bet is to employ the most experienced team you can from the beginning to mitigate your risk.

Tim Savage is the founder and Principal of Symplexity, Northern Indiana's technology leader. Headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Symplexity's highly specialized technology team can help make your business' technology headaches a thing of the past.

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