When there’s a problem with the technology you rely on everyday, the hiccup is often just the start of the ordeal. There’s a scramble to get it fixed and that race starts as soon as you make a tech support call. Bad technical support has become a cliché, but what makes Symplexity different (and better) than the competition?

1. Your call gets answered… fast.

Nothing adds to the anxiety of tech problems than having to wait on the phone to get help. For our clients who use Symplexity as their managed service provider, we answer calls in an average of 18 seconds. We can’t guarantee that every call gets answered that fast, but with a fully-staffed Network Operations Center running between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., we’re able to answer calls much quicker than most people expect when they pick up the phone to call tech support.

2. Your call gets answered by someone who knows how to help. 

For our Symplexity Secure clients, there are no barriers standing between them and our technicians. Unlike many other managed service providers, Symplexity gives our customers a direct line into our NOC – no operators or receptionists needed. The average call time to answer of 18 seconds doesn’t mean someone picks up the phone and then you spend minutes waiting to get to someone who can help – that’s how long it takes to get in touch with someone who knows their stuff and can make sure you get the support and resources you need.

3. Your tech support ticket gets worked by an expert. 

If every support call was something that could be answered over the phone, the world would probably be a much happier place. We always try to solve your problem remotely, but unfortunately, there are some things even the great minds in our NOC can’t handle without an on-site visit. If your problem does need some hands-on help, we won’t send a jack-of-all-trades who might know how to handle your problem. Symplexity is one of the biggest managed service providers in the region and that means we’re able to send an expert to make sure your team gets back to full-speed as soon as possible.

No one wants to have to call tech support, but problems eventually show up even in the best of situations. At Symplexity, we make sure to answer your calls quickly, give you direct access to our techs, and have the team to make sure your problem gets solved quickly by someone who knows what they’re doing.

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