I talked before about the “biggest risk” in cybersecurity.  I was reminded today of another common line of thinking around cybersecurity, especially among CFOs and CEOs.  It’s what I like to call “the yearly checklist” mentality.

If you’re a member of the C-Suite, you are accustomed to annual audits. You’re used to examiners coming in for a short span of time and then disappearing until next year (hopefully). Because this rhythm is so common, it is easy to apply this same checklist mentality when thinking about cybersecurity practices. But businesses get into big trouble when they treat cyber security like an annual checklist, rather than an on-going initiative.

We are used to thinking about cyber security in the same way that we think about securing our homes — lock the doors and windows, set the alarm, and teach Fido to bark at strangers. But that analogy breaks down because our homes are static. Your business is not. Your door doesn’t un-deadbolt itself, but the security patches on your devices and applications go out of date. Your windows don’t start opening by themselves after you lock them, but your security alerting rules will constantly need to be modified as new threats emerge.

Your existing IT resources are swamped, so do you go on a 6-month hiring spree to try and find security experts? Or do you outsource this responsibility to a cohesive team that has experience operating with a fully vetted toolset?

Symplexity is the only Managed Security Service Provider in the area and it is also the only one with a Master Security Specialization from Cisco. Our team and toolsets scale – allowing us to provide security services for over 5000 employees each month.

Add a security team, not a security checklist.  Good Cyber Hygiene isn’t a one-time event, it is an ongoing process.

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