Get Your Business Back Up and Running, and Keep It There.

Getting ransomware or any other form of cybersecurity breach is incredibly stressful. Time is money, and we get that. Our Crisis Management Team utilizes NIST best practices to get your business back up and running.

Fort Wayne Indiana NIST

Our Experience Can Help You

  • Maximize the value of your cybersecurity insurance claim
  • Control the messaging you distribute to clients and employees about the incident
  • Establish security safeguards to defend against future attacks
Let's Get Started

Following a security breach, we start by...

  • Identifying the origin of the attack
  • Determining the critical importance of the affected resources

Next, we contain both technical and business risk by...

  • Quarantining affected devices
  • Coaching you on how to discuss the incident with staff and clients

Next, we fully investigate the incidents that led to the breach...

  • Identify the strain of ransomware to determine whether decryption is a viable option
  • Document affected systems so that you can maximize the value of your cyber security insurance

Then, we identify the best recovery strategy to get you operational...

  • We verify that devices have been appropriately patched before restoring those systems
  • We monitor systems as they are incrementally powered on to ensure the threat has been properly contained

And most importantly, we establish proper safeguards to prevent repeat incidents by...

  • Formalizing meaningful security policies
  • Installing security safeguards that are proactively monitored by security analysts

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We have helped hospitals, manufacturers, and financial service companies recover from cyberattacks, and we can help you too.