I was visiting with a potential client at one of our events this week. He posed the question to me: “We are a small company, isn’t Symplexity too big for us.” With all candor, our team is frequently asked this question, and we have also heard that some of our managed services competitors use this as a sales tactic against us.

Honestly, it is a great question, and one I am certainly happy to answer.

Yes, Symplexity is the largest technology provider in our region. But size is no discriminator as to whether you should work with us. In fact, I believe that our company is better prepared to work with smaller companies than our much smaller competition, and here is why:

Because we recognize that it is easy to get lost in a larger company and to demonstrate how important our smaller clients are, we have divided our company into two teams. Many of our small business clients are in one of our managed services program, called SmartSource. Our managed services team is led by a practice manager who has a great group of qualified individuals working towards exceeding our small business client’s expectations. We have a network operations center that end users of our managed service clients can call directly for support, and each ticket is followed up by a dedicated Client Service Representative whose entire goal is to ensure your needs are being met.

The Client Services Representatives are not sales people. They are available at your beckon call and they are not off chasing the next ‘big’ opportunity. Your satisfaction is their goal. They will routinely meet with their clients to learn more about their business and how we can serve them better.

I am also convinced that small business needs the same level of specialized technology that many larger companies need: maybe more so, because small businesses need that competitive edge. Working with Symplexity provides that advantage as well. We routinely pull resources from our advanced services team that typically services our larger clients to help deploy a new technology and resolve an advanced problem at a small business client site.

Because we have the most talented and qualified technical staff in the region we can pull from the collective knowledge of over thirty engineers to resolve your problem. The small technology provider down the street, who claims we are too big, probably has three or four engineers to pull that collective knowledge from. Who is more likely to provide a quick resolution to a technical issue?

At the end of the day, despite the fact that Symplexity has grown to fifty talented team members, we are still a small business. We understand the needs of small businesses, not only because we are one, but because it wasn’t that long ago that we were a very small company. I am committed to our small business clients, in fact, I spend more time personally working with our small business team than our mid-market team. I understand the demands on a small business owner and the frustration when something isn’t working correctly.

The entire team at Symplexity stands ready to meet the needs of clients of all sizes. That is my commitment to you.

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