For this week’s blog we sat down with Symplexity’s Data Center Practice Manager Matt Moran to ask him 5 questions to find out a little more about him.

1. What is your background in technology?

While in the US Air Force my commander asked for a volunteer to take control of the Squadron IT needs in 1992. I was an aircraft electrician at the time and the AF did not have a defined role for an IT Admin. I learned in the school of hard knocks and was able to advance the squadron IT to meet the need of a shrinking budget, shrinking number of people, and increasing mission requirements (aircraft sorties). I transitioned out of the USAF to a local consulting firm in 1995 where I worked on certifications in Novell, Citrix, and Microsoft and got exposed to many new technologies. I then came to Symplexity in 1999 with my first MCSE and Citrix certification. Since then I have maintained my Microsoft certifications and added many more in various technologies as our clients require diverse expertise.

2. What do you like best about your job with Symplexity?

Symplexity has always been people oriented. I have never felt like a ‘number’ at Symplexity. It has always been a very motivated team with great people to work with. There is always ample opportunity to learn here, and we are able to experience many technologies – you could say that it is hard to get ‘stale’ at Symplexity! I also really enjoy our clients as we get to see so many industries and meet such interesting people in our work. It also allows us to learn what they value in IT and what their concerns are, which makes us an even better resource for our clients.

3. What is the most exciting technology on the horizon for you?

As the industry finds new ways to deliver applications and information I am excited to see how the container technology continues to evolve along with the systems and storage that it will reside on.

4. What is the most common technology related issue businesses face today?

Technology is moving at an amazing pace, and there are a lot of issues that business face today. When do you adopt new technology, and when to you wait for it to mature? With the explosion of data, how do you make sense of it all? Where do you store it? Does the cloud make sense for some, all or none of a particular business’ data? Is the cloud cheaper or just more scalable? When does compute in the cloud make sense and when does it not? How far do they need to go when it comes to security? When are they secure enough?

I’ve also noticed that Disaster Recovery/business continuity is largely neglected. Most companies have their data pretty well protected but when it comes to accessing that data in a disaster, the processes are not so well defined.

5. What do you like to do when you aren’t at work?

When I’m not at work I enjoy motorcycling, cycling, reading, and constant projects around my property. I also enjoy spending time with family and vacations in the mountains or on the beach.

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