For this week’s blog we caught up with another one of Symplexity’s Cisco CCIE’s, Luke Wiesenberg, to ask 5 questions to find out a little more about him.

1. What is your background in technology?

My background in technology began with a structured cabling project for a country-wide charter school system when I was in high school. For this project we designed and installed data, telephone, security, and audio communication systems across schools in Indiana and Ohio. After several years of crawling around in ceilings and attics I accepted a job offer to come work at Symplexity in 2010 as a Systems Technician and worked in the NOC. I was excited about the opportunity to shift my focus from physical cabling to the software and hardware used to allow communication between systems. I achieved my CCIE in Routing and Switching in February of 2016 and currently serve as Senior Infrastructure Consultant.

2. What do you like best about your job with Symplexity?

I like that I get to come in each day and address a new challenge for a client that I may or may not have seen before. It keeps my skillset sharpened, and allows me to expand my knowledge base and gain a deeper understanding of the underlying technologies. I also enjoy the group of people I work with and the team of engineers I get to collaborate with for these solutions; the opportunity to be part of a team like this makes my job a lot of fun.

3. What is the most exciting technology on the horizon for you?

Wireless has always been an exciting area for me. We’re to the point now where WiFi is viewed as a necessity rather than a luxury in most organizations, so it must operate efficiently and be quite robust to handle the demands of the workforce. The improvements to WiFi over the last few years have been vast, and it’s exciting to see the new standards being released and ratified each and every year. Coming into the office to hear that Cisco or Meraki has released a new wireless access point kind of feels like Christmas morning to this WiFi-Nerd! The opportunity to roll new technology out for a client is also very gratifying – especially those who have been struggling with WiFi in their business before moving to a properly designed and deployed system.

4. What is the most common technology related issue businesses face today?

I believe securing company data is the most common and troublesome issue that businesses face today. Data is more ready available than ever, and due to a more mobile workforce it is being accessed from a multitude of device platforms from around the globe. Securing that data is a must and presents companies with daily challenges that must be addressed and properly monitored.

5. What do you like to do when you aren’t at work?

When I’m not at work I enjoy spending time with my wife Amanda and my son Callen. I like playing basketball and fishing, and will never pass up an opportunity to spend a day at the lake with family. I try to stay active at my local church and play guitar for several different local churches and events whenever time allows.

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