For this week’s blog we caught up with one of Symplexity’s Cisco CCIE’s, Aaron Foster, to ask 5 questions to find out a little more about him.

1. What is your background in technology?

I worked for a local non-profit handling their technology needs before starting at Symplexity in October of 2011. My first project was with digital signage, but I quickly transitioned to the Network Technologies practice. I enjoyed this area so much that I pursued my Cisco CCIE in Unified Communications and achieved that certification in January 2014.

2. What do you like best about your job with Symplexity?

I like that I can specialize in specific areas rather than having to be an expert in everything at Symplexity – having a team of experts to draw upon for knowledge allows us to make the best choices for our clients. I also appreciate that I basically started at the bottom here and have been given the opportunity and support to chart my own path. It’s because of the support and encouragement of my peers that I was able to get my CCIE and become an integral part of Symplexity achieving Master Collaboration status this year. I also really like working with Unified Communications – what we do affects so many other platforms. This means I have to understand routing, wireless, and firewalls in order to understand the best collaboration solutions.

3. What is the most exciting technology on the horizon for you?

Network Technologies are always changing. For example, video technology has traditionally required massive investments in hardware resources and infrastructure.  Cloud based conferencing is now allowing companies to adopt video throughout their organization at an accelerated pace. This brings new agility to their organization and frees up I.T. resources to focus on vital lines of business. I look forward to seeing other efficiencies that can be gained by offloading other workloads to the cloud as new technology comes online.

4. What is the most common technology related issue businesses face today?

For me, working with so many organizations in different industries offers a unique perspective on how technology decisions are handled from business to business.  For example, I often encounter I.T. departments that struggle to get funding approval from senior management. In many cases, it comes down to management and I.T. having difference expectations. The best outcomes occur when management and I.T. are able to sit down to draft a vision together. This shared vision helps get everyone on board for the same goals.

5. What do you like to do when you aren’t at work?

I really enjoy recreational biking on the trails here in Fort Wayne. I am an Indianapolis Colts fan and like grilling and cooking outdoors. I have also been a Lego collector and builder for a long time – it’s really helped me with attention to detail and critical thinking.

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