If you’re like most organizations, you don’t have a pile of cash set aside to pay a ransom when your critical business information gets encrypted by cyber criminals. So, how can you avoid having your files encrypted in the first place?

1) Protect your Security Resources 

Security Specialists are known for being highly capable, critical thinkers, which makes them an appealing candidate when non-security related problems need to be addressed in the workplace. Piling responsibilities on their plate that have nothing to do with cyber security is a perfect way to nullify every dollar you’ve spent on security measures. Don’t do it!  

To protect against this common fate for in-house Security Specialists, many businesses have turned to a trusted Managed Security Service Provider where they can have confidence that their singular focus will be on managing, detecting, and responding to security threats.  

2) Test Your Backups

Regular backups should already be a part of your IT plan but having a back-up system isn’t enough. Even the best backup solutions will fail from time to time, so a manual check is critical. The chaotic moments following a cyber-attack are the worst time to realize that your backups were not functioning as you hoped they were. 

3) Stay Up-to-Date with Patches

Software companies like Microsoft have whole teams dedicated to staying on top of potential threats and addressing them as soon as possible. If your patches aren’t current, you’re not taking advantage of those efforts and you’re actually making yourself a bigger, easier target. 

4) Educate Your Users

Most malware enters your environment as the result of someone falling prey to a malicious phishing attempt, which makes end users one of the biggest threats to your organization’s IT systems. Ongoing video training and simulated phishing attacks will help keep email security top of mind 

Symplexity’s Chief Information Security Officer, Ross Filipek contributed to this post.  

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